Saturday, March 10, 2007


We write our own destiny, sure: that doesn't mean you can't see it coming, like a huge wave on the ocean. Everything that happens in this story is fate, unfolding out of itself. If you were to see somebody realize they already know everything that's about to happen, it would look like time moving forward. It would look like this. The wooden dialogue actually adds to the effect: every "realization" you have, moving forward on the tide, is just another level of acceptance. It will get you between the eyes with it, in the end; but think about it, like hearing a sound across the ocean, getting closer. Like hearing an ordinary girl declare herself an angel a thousand times before you can admit the possibility.

If you could admit what was going to happen -- if you knew your fate, consciously, and how it keeps the world turning -- who knows what you'd do differently? Sometimes it's better to just close your eyes, especially when the Gods are involved. God has very bad manners most of the time, but this is one thing you can count on: nothing you can't handle until precisely the point that you can handle it. Until the bugs stop jumping and you realize there was never anything to be scared of, after all. This is how change works, all change: it feels like dying because it is.


Anonymous Joan said...

But we are also, by nature, psychological hedonists. We are inclined to do the things we *think* will make us happy or will lead us to what we wish to be our destiny. We try frantically to change our fate, thus forcing into action the very things we run from. If we stood around waiting for it to hit us between the eyes, it would still probably happen, but the ride wouldn't be nearly as much fun.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for calling Six a normal girl. That is beautiful.

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