Tuesday, September 27, 2005

A vision

*Originally written 11/8/2002*

A man waiting in the train station, just like many others like him, just losing seconds of their lives waiting for that ride.

He then decides he is done waiting, he jumps of the ledge on to the tracks and stand facing the train.

People around him panic, they start yelling at him that a train is coming, extending their hands to help him get out.

He ignores them all, he looks at them as if they are all stupid and says :"It's not gonna hit me. Its gonna see me and diverge. I'll be unharmed!"

The train starts approaching, people really start to panic. They start yelling, pleading, extending more hands for the guy. They told him he can't do this. They told him it won't diverge just for him. The world won't change for you. All their pleads and advice fell on his deaf ear and with his confident smile he told them to go away.

That they don't know what they are talking about.

As the train really approached, some of the bystanders started to take a step back. They thought, if he wants to kill himself,that's his business. We shouldn't die too! Very few remained, still pleading, yet no avail!

As the train enterd the station, even the ones that were still pleading stepped back. They looked at the confident man with pity and said :"we did all we could have done!"

The man, still with his confident smile, stands against the approaching train, which is 20 meters away now.

19 and counting

18 and counting

17 and counting

16 and counting

15 and counting

14 and counting

13 and still approaching.

12 and its not slowing down

11 and its not diverting!

10 and then the man realized something.

9 the train won't diverge, not because the man isn't important!

8 not because the man isn't special!

7 just because there's no where else for it to go.

6 the trail is the only place the train knows.

5 so finally the guy starts to panic..

4 his smile goes away..

3 he reaches his hands for the poeple at the ledge..

2 but its too late now..

1 and no one took his hand!


Then the man ceazed to be!

And the train stopped, boarded all the passengers who were waiting,
and just continued going on the rail!

Cause that's what trains do!


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