Tuesday, October 04, 2005

*Originally written 5/30/2004*

You cannot see what I see because you see what you see. You cannot know what I know because you know what you know. What I see and what I know cannot be added to what you se and what you know because they are not of the same kind. Neither can it replace what you see and what you know, because that would be to replace you yourself.

Douglas Adams

Kristin: when should I pick up my food from ur place?
Kristin: I think Maria wants to go out lata
superior Soul: hmm
superior Soul: u have the keys right
Kristin: yeah
superior Soul: well
Kristin: ok I'll just go whenever then
superior Soul: whats stopping u?
superior Soul: lol
superior Soul: so
Kristin: nothing I just thought if u were going
superior Soul: whatchu gonna do with maria
Kristin: to be there at some point
superior Soul: going out?
superior Soul: i will at 6
Kristin: I would go then
superior Soul: i have to go pick up my laundry at 6
Kristin: ok
superior Soul: so i am leavin here in an hour
Kristin: I don't know where to go w/ Maria yet
superior Soul: what's nick doing?
Kristin: She will call me later
Kristin: Nick will meet up with us I think
Kristin: he's going to church w/ me tommorow
Kristin: so he wants to stay over
superior Soul: which makes sense
superior Soul: where will u people be going?
Kristin: I don't know
Kristin: I have to talk to Maria
superior Soul: yeah
Kristin: but I don't think she will know either

Many people don't realize that shells are what sand is made from. Broken shells thousands upon thousands.

Billabong Surf Issue Volume 1

superior Soul: just spoke to maria
superior Soul: she is on her way to cambrdige with the other maria
superior Soul: she will be back in an hour or two
superior Soul: and then i will take her ass and get her drunk and high
Kristin: ok cool
superior Soul: and then hand her over to u whenever u r done
Kristin: where ru taking her
superior Soul: dunno yet
superior Soul: but i will figure something out
Kristin: I want u to come out w/ us
superior Soul: don;t think so
superior Soul: 1) don't have the money
Kristin: neither do I
superior Soul: 2) it will be chris and maria and u and nick
superior Soul: 5th whell status is not my forte
Kristin: chris is coming?
superior Soul: prolly
superior Soul: it will be cute
Kristin: i wasn't sure
superior Soul: like a double date
Kristin: yeah
superior Soul: :-D
Kristin: nick and chris will become best friends
superior Soul: yeah
superior Soul: i think they will
superior Soul: lol
Kristin: u do
superior Soul: have u spoke to chris?
Kristin: I've tried
superior Soul: and?
Kristin: he's hard to talk to
Kristin: he doesn't make much small talk
Kristin: Marie and I discussed this b4
Kristin: she felt the same way
superior Soul: yeah
superior Soul: he is too intelectual
Kristin: what?
superior Soul: last time me and him went off on tangents
Kristin: I didn't get that impression
superior Soul: nahh
superior Soul: he is pretty well read and cultured
Kristin: but I haven't talked to him that much
Kristin: o
Kristin: that's good
superior Soul: u gotta be if u r biracial, buddhist, computer science major
Kristin: right?
superior Soul: and a master swordsman
Kristin: so should I take my break at 6
Kristin: he's a swordsman?
Kristin: wow
superior Soul: take it at 6:10
superior Soul: yeah
superior Soul: me and him were taking swordfighting tactics
superior Soul: *talking
superior Soul: we were high
superior Soul: but that's how maria found that out too
superior Soul: she didn;t know he was
superior Soul: now they fight with wooden swrods at his place all the time
superior Soul: but who knows
superior Soul: maybe chris and nick will bond over something
superior Soul: prolly how crazy their women are
superior Soul: :-P
Kristin: I ain't crazy
Kristin: and neither is MAria
Kristin: sperminator ur the crazy one
superior Soul: that is sooo true
Kristin: I know

I’ve put my trust in you
Pushed as far as I can go
And for all this
There’s only one thing you should know
I’ve put my trust in you
Pushed as far as I can go
And for all this
There’s only one thing you should know
I tried so hard
And got so far
But in the end
It doesn’t even matter
I had to fall
To lose it all
But in the end
It doesn’t even matter

superior Soul: ok
superior Soul: so mell
superior Soul: i am out of money
superior Soul: but i have my rent money
superior Soul: should i do which of the following
mismonei: thats good
superior Soul: 1) not buy weed at all
mismonei: or
superior Soul: 2) buy an eigth and say fuck it
mismonei: or
superior Soul: 3) buy an eigth, pay 20 and have the person front me the other 20 till i get some money on tuesday?
mismonei: and tuesday is the first so tahts when u pay rent so i say CHOOSE 3
superior Soul: hmm
superior Soul: ok
mismonei: what do u think
mismonei: thats a good choice
superior Soul: it is a good choice
superior Soul: i just wish my weed hasn't disappeared u know?
mismonei: i know taht fucking blows
mismonei: i hate when my shit dissapears
mismonei: i hate when my shit dissapears
superior Soul: and don;t u hate it even more
superior Soul: when u know who took it
superior Soul: and u know that its not worth it
mismonei: yeah
superior Soul: cause they will never admit it
mismonei: thats right
superior Soul: and they will play the fuckin victim and demand an apology
mismonei: cause they SUCK
superior Soul: yeppers
mismonei: i have a roomate who does that on a daliy basis
superior Soul: hehe
superior Soul: nahh
superior Soul: the person who did that to me is..was..used to be my bestfriendd
mismonei: ya
superior Soul: i got her ass high yesterday and that's how she repays me
mismonei: i hear u
superior Soul: there is always something underneath the surface with people
superior Soul: something really ugly
superior Soul: and it's always there
superior Soul: u just can;t see it till u can see it
superior Soul: no matter what other people tell u
superior Soul: no matter how many times u r warned
superior Soul: u don;t see it till u see it
superior Soul: and sometimes u never ever do
superior Soul: but its always there
superior Soul: I love it
superior Soul: what do u think?
mismonei: i think that is so tru
mismonei: four parts to a person
superior Soul: 4?
mismonei: the things they know, the things other people know, the things that, the things that are there that u never see and the the things that u will never know
superior Soul: whats the differnece between the things that are there that u never see and the the things that u will never know?
mismonei: i think they may be the same
mismonei: amybe only three then
superior Soul: well
superior Soul: how about this
mismonei: ya
superior Soul: there are the things they will tell you about themselves, the things other people will tell u about them, the things that will get unraveld about them to you over time by interacting and talking to them but which they may not be aware of or are but will never tell you and finally there are the things that hide in a dark sealed shut nuclear bunker of a room that resides in their heart, that they will never show or tell to anyone ever because they believe-most of the time correctly- that if other people knew about them they would crucify them.
superior Soul: does that sound right to you?

What do you think?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hahaha....nice convo, as always pot seems to draw out t he worst in people, i know this for a fact, i dont smoke it anymore, but dealing with mates on a daily basis that do, its fucking annoying, esp when i go away for work for 4 days, come back tyhey have no money to even feed themself, but they have pot, and somehow all my food in the cupboard has dissapeared, and as always comes the, nah man i didnt take it, its like well who the fuck else ins in the fucking house to take it, the fucking tooth fairy!!!!! and then maybe 10% of the time, its where is my shit? oh yeah i ate it, i was going to give you money for it, but only if i asked hey??!!! fucking smashed wankers, betetr to just have a speed habit me thinks :)


3:24 AM  
Blogger Nicole said...

hahahaha .... its way funnier when you know the people

4:22 PM  

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