Monday, October 03, 2005

"Your country sucks more than i thought it did"

I got this e-mail from my friend Nicole

So Sam, you need to have a talk with your mother or someone with some power to change things in your fucked up little corner of the world. I have a product that needs to get shipped to egypt and fucking AAAAAAAAA I have to go through hoops to get it there. I have to make copies of shit, fill out a cert of origin (and what am i supposed to do if the origin for one of the products is costa fuckin rica....not that you'd know im just pissed)..get it notarized at the chamber of commerce....then i have to send it to the American egyptian cooperation foundation ( now if we were really cooperating none of this bs would be necessary)....who after charging me 35 bucks a document will sent it to the egyptian consulate who will then charge me another 50 fuckin bucks to say that ya i think its from the US. Dude ur contry needs to change things cause i didnt like it before because it kept you away now i really hate it and just find egypt to be one big ole pain in the ass that does nothing but ruin my fun.

anyways....hope all is well i just needed to vent cause this sucks a big ole donkey's ball sack and your the only person from egypt i know so tough titties u have to listen to me bitch. gotta go though almost time to go leave yippeee.

Miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Regards (why people say regards is beyond me ...i wish i could change it to say peace mother fucker...i mean i can for you but in general its regards...),



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