Sunday, December 18, 2005

Can anyone tell me what this dream means?

*This is the dream I had last night. If you have an explanation, please let me know.*

I was at a friend's house, and it was time to go. He tells me that he will drive me home, I refuse, telling him that I will find my own ride. He tells me to watch out though, because "the Iranians are losing it". I nodd my head in agreement as if I know what that means, and I go downstairs.

I am in Egypt, and it looks like the main street that cuts through ghamrah towards the Ain Shams University. Except that there were buildings where the secre-cure school is. The street in fact looked nothing like the main street in ghamrah,with all the shops and lights and cars gone, but somehow I knew that this was it. It was darker though, more gothic, had that Sin City feel to it. And the street was empty.

As I crossed to the other side of the street I realized that there was someone standing there, but behind me, just barely registering in my prepherial vision. It was a woman, she had blone hair. I looked around, and there she was: Marjore. Standing in the street, smiling, and she said to me "I thought you would never come!"

I smiled and moved towards her. We hugged. I asked her what she was doing in Egypt, and in typical marjore fashion she went "Well, ya know, just visit-iiiiiiiing. Sight see-iiing. Doin my thing. Ya know?". I asked her, why didn't she tell me she was coming, she tells me "I wanted to make it a surprise!" smilingly. So I ask her, what now? and she says:

"Now we are going to a first class bar so we can party. And you are taking me!"

It sounds like a good idea, so I agree, and I start waving to stop the upcoming taxicab. It stops, the guy gets out, and starts running. Marjore gets in the backseat and I look at the car and realize that this is not a Taxi at all. It's a black Mercedes with diplomatic plates saying that it belongs to the iranian embassy. I get inside the backseat next to marj saying "This is all wrong!", but before I can do anything the doors are closed and two figures jump in the front seats. Eblis was one of them, and he was the one who sat in the driver seat.

"Ready to go, Sam?" he says to me with a smile. Before I say anything he puts his foot on the paddle and starts driving really fast. I start to object: "But this isn't our car Eblis. This car doesn't belong to us. The Police will come after us. We need to get out now."

He smiles at me, and the car going so fast it jumps as we are agoing up a bridge and it slams to the ground at the other side, screeching and halting somewhere over the sidewalk. But this sidewalk is weird because it had huge holes in it. More like Sqaures, and they had a pattern. It was like we were parked on a giant waffle, only granite-colored.

And the police sirens start wailing.

Eblis points towards the sirens direction, and we can see one police car coming our way, lights flashing and everything. We agree that's it's time to go, and we get out of the car and leave, but not before I notice that there was this other older woman now, dressed in white and has dark brown hair, sitting in the backseat. She was weeping. Somehow I knew that it was because this was her car, and she went to a place that she didn't want to go because we took her there. But it doesn't matter, because we leave anyway, towards the end of the street. That's where the light is coming from.

We walk hastily in that direction, but we are not exactly running, nor are we worried about the police anymore. We are heading towards a doorway, where people are coming and going, and on our way to it we see this other opening on our right. There is light there too, but it's a dead end, with 3 people, 2 guys and a girl, dressed in Pijamas, were sitting there playing with dolls. They ask us to come in and join them. Something feels wrong about them, so we say no and go on our way to pass the door, which is 2 feet away now.

As I walk through the doorway I see Yara walking out and with Sally in her hand. I wave hi to them and ask them why they are leaving. Sally looks at me and tells me :"It's not our kind of party. Where you are going you won't find us."She then gives me a weak smile and keeps on walking behind Yara.

I can see that the 3 people I am with have taken this door on the left, and I intended to follow them but people from my past kept coming from my right and saying hi to me. First it was Stacey and Cindy, whom I both greeted and then came Kev with Karen and John behind him. Kev was extra friendly with me, kissing me on both cheeks and taking his time. It felt very weird. But I ignored him cause I was happy to see Karen. Karen didn't seem that happy to see me.

I asked her what was wrong, and she tells me with a sardonic smile "After those pictures You took, it's really great being your friend. Really!". I tell her that I don't understand and she looks at me as if I have 4 eyes and then walks away after giving me a kiss on the cheek. She then dissappears and suddenly I am alone again. I decide it was time I took that door on the left and see where Marj and the boys have gone.

That hallway i stepped into was a complete change of scenery. It wasn't old and gothic and dark like everything else. It was new, new-age industrial, metally and shiny. There was light everywhere and everything was made out of blue and silver Metal, but nobody there but Marj, standing alone, smoking a ciggarette. I ask her what's going on.

"We are at the place. This is where we will party. This is where we will dance."

I look around, and i am again confirmed that we are alone. I tell her that.

"But nothing is here. No one is here."

"It doesn't matter", she said, "You are going to dance anyway."

She then puffs the smoke in my face....

and I wake up in cold sweat.


Blogger Kelli said...

Dude do you really want me to interpret this dream for you? Mmuuuhahahaha. Actually its not that bad. I'll email ya, since Im sure its personal.

1:08 AM  
Blogger Erika said...

Here's my interpretation of your dream (I prayed about this first since all dream interpretation comes from God)
You are terrified.
You need to stop letting all these women past and present dictate the direction of your life.
When God is trying to show you truth about yourself and the direction of your life you should be taking, you need to stop all activity and close your eyes to all distractions and LISTEN to Him.
He wants you to hear him.

2:36 AM  
Anonymous Angie said...

This is a fascinating dream; many different elements and symbols.

It's hard to tell you exactly what it may mean, because much of it has to do with your personal life and attitudes, but some aspects are universal, so I'll take a stab at it.

The dream at first focuses around change in your life. It's normal to be concerned and fearful about change. At first the scene is familiar; depicting your normal state of being, but then it starts to change depicting a more omenous scene. This is normal dread of change, not a premonition of something negative to come.

Driving a car which you have no control over is a pretty literal fear; you fear you may be losing control over something in your life as it starts to change.

The sin city and foreign women are not negative symbols, they indicate that you are beginning to integrate new (foreign) things into your life. Your personality is becoming more integrated. This is a VERY good sign.

At first the woman is familiar to you and you welcome her...something is changing in your life and you wish it to change, but there is a fear there of letting go of your old existance. Hence the woman becomes a stranger and the taxi becomes a dipomatic vehicle.

What does the diplomatic vehicle represent to your mind? Only you can answer that. But what a dipolmatic vehicle usually represents is a mechanism to bring nations together...could this represent your blog which attempts the same thing? I'm not sure.

Could there be some fear surrounding your upcoming trip to America? A fear of the police coming after you? A fear of going to a place that your innate human/animalistic instincts tell you, you don't belong? The animal instinct in us tells us we should stay in a place familiar and therefore safe to us. Are you venturing into an unknown and perhaps fearful place? America perhaps?

It's a party waiting to happen and something you're looking forward to but perhaps also a potential threat if things go wrong? Hence the sidewalk strewn with potholes?

A fear perhaps also because you may, due to your nationality/ethnic identity of being mistaken for an Iranian (the car has Iranian plates), or some other entitity hostile to Westerners?

The woman is the back seat is somehow more familiar, she has dark hair like yours and the car belongs to her and she belongs int the scene, older like your mother, your ancestor or your country, you are taking her to new territory where she does not to go.

Is there some part of you that is traditional and does fear the change that is coming?

The two guys and a girl in pyjamas, I'm not sure about this, is your blog getting mixed up here? Do you sometimes feel people are trivializing your blog and making infantile remarks? I'm not sure.

The wishing to follow people but friends from the past appearing are a dead giveaway. You wish for changes to happen, but you don't want to lose what is great in your life now.

The city changing from old traditional to new and shiny is a literal symbol as well. The city is you...changing from old to new.

Marj is the symbol of change I think, here dipicted as someone demanding and inevitable, just as change in our lives really is. We all change, not matter if we wish to or not. No matter how we fear it.

All in all, a very natural and good dream. Quite beautiful in fact with the symbolism. You should be a poet.

There are, of course, a number of sexual elements here as well, I think, but we won't go into that.

9:06 AM  
Anonymous Angie said...

Marg also represents life in general, I think...all the twists and turns it leads us down, blowing smoke in our faces and laughing at us. Demanding we dance to it's tune.

11:27 AM  
Anonymous brenda said...

Here's my take:
You feel out of control and that others are in charge. You feel that you cannot control your own destiny. There are trust issues you are dealing with. You trust people and they turn out to be someone else. You think you are going one place and you don't end up there. You are told to beware and you feel you are being careful, but stuff happens anyway, despite your best efforts. Many times the way you FEEL in the dream is a major indicator of what it symbolizes. Were you exhilerated or scared shitless? Important info in interpretation.

That's all :)

9:53 AM  
Anonymous Angie said...

Brenda's take is interesting, but the first thing you have to remember about dreams is that they are about YOU, not about someone else. They are a representation of YOUR fears, anxieties, good feelings etc.

The fact that different people change in and of itself is not the focus of the dream. The people change in everyone's dreams in order for your mind to convey different messages to your subconscious. Each person conveys a different emotion to you.

I do get a sense of confusion due to the sheer number of people appearing in your dream. From that I might guess you're feeling a little confused perhaps due to the number of people you are becoming acquainted with through your blog. It would be emotionally confusing because you may feel an intimacy with most of them. For most people it's difficult to juggle too many close connections. This is pure guess work however.

Another thing you have to remember is that physical objects, structures like cars and cities represent your physical/emotional self.

The reason I suspect this dream is partly focussed on your nervousness about coming to America perhaps is the pattern of people that appear in your dream...Eblis and Sally seem to be in Eygpt. Marj, I would guess, doesn't reside in Eygpt. Perhaps she resides in the US?

In the dream you appear to be leaving Eblis and Sally behind to go on a journey with Marg.

See what I mean?

9:30 AM  
Blogger أحمد said...

واشمعنى انا اللى تخلينى اسوق العربية

علشان البس القضية لوحدى

و بعدين انا لسه بتعلم اسوق اليومين دول

عندى تعليق اخير على تعليق الست

اعتقد انها عميلة لعمرو خالد و عايزه تهديكى... لكن لو تعرفها بشكل شخصي قول لها
تبطل تقرأ كتب باولو كويلو

2:04 PM  
Blogger Leilouta said...

Wow!And I thought I had the worse dreams!

10:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Sandmonkey!

I've picked up a couple of things in your dream:

the iranian embassy car hijacking you: the current actions of the iranians frighten you, you feel you're dragged into it; the police chasing you, is the western world lumping all the middle-east countries together, as they know no better. Same for your disapproving friends at the party door: you are scared they will think the less of you because of it all, as you feel responsible.

The car is fast, the roads are wrecked: the international situation is out of control, and there's nothing you can do about it; and you're at the wrong place, involved against your will.

The old woman weeping, is certainly weeping for what is happening to her country (Iran); stolen and raped? taken where she does not want to go. Again, you feel responsible, while not having control.

I do not know your friends, but it's obvious you're scared you will lose some to the aggressive stance of the middle-east? (where you go you won't find us. not my kind of party)

Anyway, this is just the impression left on me by your dream. I am no professional :)

8:16 AM  
Anonymous yara said...

i think your dream is telling you someting or there is something bothering you beacuase bad or strange dreams are coused by something that you keep on thinking about

9:13 AM  
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