Monday, April 02, 2007

Far away

I am lying in my bed, writing this, finally alone. It's finally silent around here. It hasn't been silent for days and days.

I need air to breathe...

Things have been complicated around here. Random factors jumbeling up together, random people getting entangled into each others' lives, Skeletons coming out of closets, alive, forcing me to confront relaities and pasts that I do not wish to relive or examine.

And through it all I miss you.

It's been forever since I've heard your voice, your sweet giddy laugh. It sure as hell feels like forever, even though I know that, measured in time and days, it hasn't been that long.

But I still miss you.

I know it's not hard to reach you. That you are a phone call away. That my call would be welcome, that I will get to hear the warmth in your voice that sends shivers down my spine despite of how cool and distant i try to sound, that I will end the phone call unwillingly, hating my cell's battery and its refusal to last more than 3 houres of continious talking time. And more than anything, hating the distance and oceans between us, and how I can not comfort you when your demons come knocking on your door, or hold you in my arms when you are upset or scared.

But that's the way it is.

The truth is, I keep wasting time. All the things I do, all the games I play, all the relationships and the messes I get myself involved in.. they are just someting to pass the time with. Something to fill the void I sense in my days without you...

..until the day comes when it's no longer empty!

Can't wait!


Blogger Lunar Chick said...

That's beautiful...

4:28 PM  
Blogger Tsedek said...

That lucky lady ;-)

5:09 PM  

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