Saturday, August 11, 2007

Lonely Girl

A pill, a joint, a glass and maybe a trip
Sweet talk, lights out, and maybe then strip
To let go, to escape, to hide out in plain sight
Always restless, too bored, too weak to fight,
when all of her demons come out to play at night.
Sensation junkie, scared girl, hide from the light!

You always seek, to run away, to escape this place
The methods vary, putting that smirk on your face
Like the snake, its bite, its poison and its charm
Or lost in the oblivion of someone else’s arms
Always in the shadows, always staying in the dark
You keep hoping they won’t get to see the scars

You are surrounded by many, but you are always alone
Your seclusion, vibrating, but never really shown
Your illusions, reverberating, setting the tone
You are "ugly", you are "fat", and incredibly cruel
You will hurt, purposely, all who care about you
“You don’t believe me? Well, I’ll show you too!”

But there are those, like me, who just won’t let go
I know this game, your pain, I know….I KNOW!
It won’t be cured by pushing them all away
By causing, all of that Havoc, almost every day
That collateral damage, you inflict, indiscriminately
Your death wish eating you, spreading that misery

Well, sweet little girl, you might just succeed
You might push away all the people you actually need
Your desolation, your isolation, secured, indeed
I would just hate to see
those who damaged you, win
Reigning victorious, unopposed
in that great battle within
Owned by your demons, forever..
That would be such a sin!


Anonymous "Lonely Girl" said...

Balash ta3rees!!
You're the one who left!!
Balash ta3rees!!
You left me and you fled!!
Balash ta3rees!!
You know I never meant
To hurt you until you claimed it bled!

Balash ta3rees!!
I tried to talk to you!!
Balash ta3rees!!
Cuz you ignored me too!!
Balash ta3rees!!
It seems you've had enough
I'm sorry I'm too much to handle
I'm sorry I'm not that tough

U just need to understand
The difference between 'alone' and 'lonely'
U need to understand
That I'm alone - not lonely

I don't know anymore how u perceive me...
I don't know anymore if u even believe me

I just know one thing to be true
That I wasn't as good of a friend to you

I'm sorry but its not on purpose
Its like a rabbit (u) racing a tortoise (me)

In all cases the damage will go on... but if i'm a cause of pain for you, u must let me go.


10:41 AM  
Blogger Exiled Fairy said...

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4:59 AM  

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