Friday, June 29, 2007

Snapshot # 1

Her: Sometimes i feel that you are kind and clear

Her: at other times

Her: i feel that you will do anything for entertainment

Her: you would manipulate people like puppets to watch a nice show

Me: I think you are projecting

Her: maybe i am:) but when i wrote it i meant it for you

Me: yeah

Me: i wish it was that easy

Me: nahh

Me: no point in manipulating people

Me: they fuck themselves over just fine

Me: the show is nice regardless

Me: I only try to interfere when it's just getting too stupid

Me: but even that, ehh, I kinda stopped doing

Her: why?

Me: Too much effort

Me: and for what?

Me: to save someone from doing something stupid?

Me: forget about it

Me: let the chips fall where they may

Me: It will all resolve itself in the end anyway

Her: this is a very scary line

Me: it will just take longer, so might as well do nothing

Me: what is a scary line?

Her: will resolve itself

Me: why?

Her: because it is an echo of the predestined line

Her: you know

Her: everything is predestined


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