Friday, June 29, 2007

Snapshot # 3

Her: now i feel that i do not want to meet E.

Me: why?

Her: and do not care to show I. my books

Her: and i just want to stay home for shelter

Her: lest i make a mistake

Me: silly rabbit

Me: if it's not them, it's gonna be someone else

Me: until u figure out what u truly want

Me: instead of prusuing every possible temporary high

Me: to satsify u for the day

Me: u will end up making mistakes anyway

Her: now what's wrong with the temp highs?

Me: they are temporary

Me: and they distract from permenant ones

Me: instead of seeking something substantial, u seek entertainment of the day

Her: permenant ones were not meant for me .. i am too fickle

Me: that's a lie and u know it

Me: but u chose to believe it anyway


Anonymous ahmed said...

I she a loyal bodhisattva who takes life day by day and moment to moment? It certainly does not make her bad just different from yourself, some of us are focused like laser beams and others choose to live for the moment such is life.

11:32 AM  

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