Friday, June 29, 2007

Snapshot # 2

Me: its causality

Me: but who cares

Me: the point is this

Me: don't bother

Me: if it works it works, if it doesn’t it doesn't

Me: and people will fuck up anyway

Me: it's in their nature

Me: so why even bother?

Me: Let it be

Her: why are you talking as though you were some sort of an upgraded version of us - silly mortals

Me: hehe

Me: we are all silly mortals


Me: some are just slightly ahead of the curve than others

Me: call it advanced

Me: upgraded

Me: evolved

Me: whatever you wanna call it!

Her: ahhh ok ... i hate to think that those are the ones that err first

usually are

Her: for the rest of us to learn

Me: this is why they try to stop others from making the same mistake

Me: but the lesson u learn is this

Me: don’t give people knowledge

Me: they won’t respect it

Me: or you

Her: lol

Me: make them earn knowledge

Me: and they might just stand a chance

Her: that whole conversation sounds so ominous:)


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