Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Process of cutting someone off

The day you do it, that first day, it sucks, mainly because you were put in that emotional confrontational mindframe to end it. Even if you are better off and relieved for cutting the person off, it still leaves a bitter taste in your mouth, and kind of hoevrs around you the entire day. The first day is not fun.

The second day, you are still in a shitty mood, so you rummage through your IPOD looking for a song to lift you up or chnage your mood. None of them works, because you are stupid to look for one in the first place. You don't need a distraction, you need to purge the remanants of yucky emotions by going through that rabbit hole till the end. So you figure you need a good "fuck off you, but still woe is me" song. Harder to Breathe by Maroon 5 is fantastic for that purpose, and the scream-singing helps. You feel instantly better once its over.

The Third day you can't even remember why you were so upset on the first day, and you go happily about your business. You write a blog post about it just to document that very strange, yet probably very common, process.

How does yours work?


Anonymous Marwa Rakha said...

I am glad you are out of the rabit hole:)


First day: Can't breathe .. I remind myself that it will pass

Second Day: I open my eyes and ask if it still hurts ... some pangs ... I remind myself that it will pass

Third Day: Writing that post

Fourth Day: It passed:)

1:59 AM  

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