Tuesday, June 03, 2008

A 7 am conversation with K

K: So, why are you in such foul mood about?

Me: Because there are people that I should cut out of my life, that cause unnecessary drama, and I still haven't cut them out yet.

K: Why haven't you?

Me: I should, I really should. You know, my brain tells me what to do, and I know my brain is right, but my heart keeps telling me to give another chance. To keep them. To be patient. It's all very stupid.

K: Aww.. you have a heart. That's so cute!

Me: Dude. It's not cute..It's stupid. It's delaying the inevitable and the logical, and it's making me do things that are completely contrary to who I am and what benefits me. My heart doesn't have my best intention as one of his interests. My heart is a fuckin traitor.

K: That's deep man!

Me: Fuck off!