Sunday, March 22, 2009

Acorns and trees!

So, you meet a person, and somehow, despite their totally normal exterior, you sense something about them that no one else senses. You see a twinkle. A spark of reverence. There is a gem there, waiting to be unearthed. Talent and potential that, if unleashed, will shake the earth to its foundation. And once you start seeing them in the light of their hidden truth, you are breath-taken by how utterly beautiful and enchanting they truly are. And since you are a romantic at heart, you naturally think this is all fantastic, because you have always wanted to find that. That someone that's so truly special, that gem so perfectly hidden, that no one before you- and let's face it, the world is filled with idiots who can't see beyond their noses- was able to take note of it. You believe yourself to have found yourself a treasure, and all you need to do now is find a way to bring it to light, and your life, and the lives of others, but mostly your life, will be enriched forever.

Welcome to the perfect trap, ladies and gentlemen. I know, some of you will claim it's not a trap at all, but that's its brilliance: How un-trap-like those people are, and most importantly... how un-trap-like they feel..

Let's go over how this particular trap is set, exactly: They could be the most utterly brilliant talented person if only they can be pushed and encouraged, which you can do once you are more entrenched in their life, and then they will be as brilliant to everybody as you see them to be.

Stop me when this gets familiar....

But you know the end of this story, don't you? You have been there. You have seen it. You have seen how those people will fight your efforts to have them fulfill their potential. You have seen how they fight to keep and maintain their insecurities, the same insecurities that they know exist and admit hinders them, with the same ferociousness of a lioness protecting its cub. In the battle between being and nothing, they will always choose nothing, even if they dream every day of actually being.

And slowly, but surely, for the impartial logical observer, this particular case starts being part of a universal truth...those people will never be anything more. They will dream about it, and fill your head with their dreams, but they will do nothing to pursue or achieve it. Instead they will continue leading their meaningless careers and limited lives, but still demand that you believe in them.

Now, if you are a person with a savior complex, or think that self-sacrificing your life for someone else's happiness is cool, then, by all means, go ahead. This trap was MADE for you. But if you a slightly more evolved human being then maybe you will start admitting to yourself the truth: The person you love? The person that is so brilliant and beautiful in their own way that only you can see? That person does not exist. Never have, never will. And just to simplify this for ya: If you think there people out there that are "hidden gems" but are single or in relationships that "don't give them justice", then you should probably start believing in Santa Claus while you are at it. Those people are alone or are in dead-end-shitty relationships, for a reason, and it's not because no one else has eyes but you. It's mainly, because, those people you see, don't really exist, and never did. Potential, while nice, is nothing. It's an empty promise with no guarantees, given to you by an asshole who could've fulfilled it today if they chose to, but don't. Nope, I am sorry, there are no hidden gems; beauty doesn't get discarded for long for no reason, and you have not uncovered the great hidden treasure that was in plain sight for all to see. You are the Indian who thanked the white man for his very nice and un-expected blankets, and two days later wondered why he suddenly was feeling very ill and everything around him was going to shit.

And trust me, this will be you if you don't get out of that trap, because that same person will affecting your life as well. Ignore the dissapointment of not having them reach their poetntail for a second, and think of this for a change: 1) They will trap themselves in their heads, forever living in a fantasy world where all their dreams are realized, and this is where they would rather be, instead of actually living their lives or the moment, with you, and 2) Yeah, about those insecurities: they are not going anywhere. She will always feel not good enough..he will always crave the acceptance of his mother..they will forever put their lives on hold because society/parents expectations/whatever got in their way. Sounds fun, huh? You have just met the rarest of the breed: the talented person who sets for him/herself their own limitations, way before their actual limitations exist, and expect their relationship with you to be the ground of their own passivity. Great, huh?

It's probably one of the saddest things in the world, when a person chooses to give up on their dreams, but it's probably sadder if those dreams always end up being all they have. Hegel said, the truth of the acorn is the tree, but the tree needs to make the choice to grow, or else it will always remain an acorn. To meet the acorn, that could be the tree any day it chooses, but won't do it, and will dream about it instead.. well...Hell and damnation. Hell and damnation indeed.

Beware the trap, boys and girls. And don't trust your eyes too much, especially if they show you beauty where others have seen nothing. I mean, there is always the chance that you did truly find that diamond in the rough, that hidden treasure, that one special person that everybody somehow overlooked, but chances are, you didn't. Either way, you now know the signs, and you have been warned. Whether you walk away, or don't, truly up to you. I am personally running away, but that's just me.

Good luck!